Friday, February 15, 2013

Smile like you mean it : Celebrities edition

Hello everyone!
The intention of today's post is to bring a smile in your face, and you smile like you mean it!
You know what they say, A day without a smile is a wasted day, or something like that..

Credit: Tumblr

That is why I am doing a recap on celebrities that DO NOT smile VRS. the celebrities that DO smile and that could share a bit of it with the 'serious' celebrities...Let's take a look.


* Victoria Beckham

At the Spice Girls Musical. That's a reason to smile, right?

Here's another reason to smile: You're married to David Beckham and have a beautiful family!

*Rooney Mara

Her career is taking off, why not smile on the red carpet?. And after my research I found out that she does wear a lot of black by the way.

* Kirsten Stewart

And this is Kirsten Stewart's slight smile, I bet she's thinking '' I'm better that you b*tch ''.


Anne Hathaway. Guess an Oscar nomination is a reason to smile.

Jessica Chastain always looks happy in the Red Carpet.

Julianne Moore

Kelly Osbourne. Looks amazing, I love her.

Sofía Vergara.

Miranda Kerr who is stunning and I love everything we wears. I admit it.

So, this is the round-up of celebrities that smile vrs. celebrities that don't. The ones that smile transmit something positive and they also make you smile. I think smiling is something very important as you never know the effect of it. Maybe there is someone feeling down and if you smile that might cheer them up or something, besides, smiling spreads happiness and we all really need that.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to smile, life is too short!



  1. What a great post!

    // Nana Maria //

  2. Smiling is always better! I don't like Victoria Beckham because she always has that ''you killed all my family'' look.

    1. Definetly, smile is the best accessory :)

  3. Great!

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  4. I love Victoria Beckham everyone thinks she's really mean and depressed because she doesn't smile in photo's, maybe she just doesn't like her teeth or her smile? I know I don't like my teeth or my mouth!

    1. I think that's a very good reason. I like Victoria's style, she always look so good even running around with H7.

  5. The ones that smile look happy and vibrant, love that!
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    Please let me know! :) I follow back right away.

  6. Loving your style inspiration in your blog :)

  7. Beautiful inspirational post :) I follow you with gfc and bloglovin. If you like, follow back

    1. Thank you so much ;) I'm glad you liked it !


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