Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All I want for Christmas : Designer Bags

All women love bags, we are obsessed with them, it's where we carry our world while we struggle in this world, so, what's not to love about them?

So many shapes and colors that's it's easy to go crazy with all of them and which one to choose. I know that if I had the fortune I wouldn't be thinking of buying a practical bag ( you know, the one that you can match with everything ) I would buy me a turquoise, orange, red, whatever color that comes to my mind and whatever shape.

I've said it before, we can dream right? You get what you think, so, there's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming.

Here's my Wish List :

1. Chanel

Tha Flap Bag from the Fall-Winter 2012/13 Pre-Collection.
Vintage Chanel - It's such a classic.
Celebs and Chanel. Left to right: Miranda Kerr / Lauren Conrad / Blake Lively
2. Chloé

Meet the Marcie bag by Chloé.
A sober leather bag.  This could become my practical bag, don´t you think? The only thing that keeps me away from it is the price...haha
Reese Whiterspoon and her Chloé bag. At least she used it more than once, right?
3. Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Speedy Empreinte.

Many celebrities are fans of the Speedy bag.
4.  Proenza Schouler:

This is the Large Python.
Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell with Proenza Schouler.
Love the color of Kristen's bag.

5. Matthew Williamson

Look at this beauty, isn't it gorgeous? This is me not being practical.
Emerald and yellow make such a great combination.  One of the pretties bags I've seen.

6. Céline

Boston Tote Bag by Céline.
I'll take any if not all of them ! Although, the black and white one really stands out.
This design screams sophistication, it's perfect for carrying our world while dealing with our hectic lives.
Left to right: Jennifer Garner / Rosie Huntingon-Whitely / Leighton Meester / Nicki Hilton.
What  I like about Céline bags is how versatile they are: from single young actress, to model/actress to a mother of 3.  Céline is perfect for all lifestyles.

Now a little something extra : during my search, I ran into this crazy bag by Christian Louboutin, what do you think?

This is the Artemis bag.
Statement necklace, meet the statement bag. With all these feathers in the shoulder, who needs extra accessories?
 Tell me, are any of these designers part of your Wish List? If you love any of these bags or love other brands let me know, would love to know them :)


  1. Si, un vintage chanel hara muy bien :))

  2. The Chanel flap bag is incredible! I'm also lusting over the Mathew Williamson clutch, he's an amazing designer.

    Lubna |

    1. Ohh yes, that Chanel is beautiful and that Mathew the pretties clutch i've ever seen :)

  3. i have the LV speedy and the chanel 2.55 and they were fabulous investment pieces that i still wear all of the time. i've definitely been wanting that celine bag too!

    1. These bags are investment indeed I bet they last long time and in good condition :)

  4. It could be so great to get a designer bag!

  5. So many gorgeous choices, yes, a girl can dream! Right now I am into Rebecca Minkoff's bags. I also dream of Valentino!

    1. Oh Rebecca Minkoff´s ! I love them too !! may our designer bags dreams come true :)

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    1. Thank you Lidia! Following now on Bloglovin. xo.


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