Saturday, December 29, 2012

From the christmas break

Hello everybody!
Happy sunday!! The last sunday of 2012, ready for New Year's celebration?

I've been on a roadtrip since last Wednesday, I've been in Nicaragua and it's been really nice. This break will be featured on one of this week's post so here is a little sneak peek ☺

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mix and Match: Fashion + Christmas

The title says it all, fashion is always being updated with the current season, and Christmas is no exception.  This is why I have gone out on a search for the coolest Christmas fashion items and also the not so cool ones..

Charlotte Olympia mistletoe flats.

Guess the flats go with this bag...properly called: Christmas Pudding by Charlotte Olympia

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas ! : Confy Outfit

Happy Monday ! It's not just any Monday, we are officially on Christmas Eve :)

Christmas is one of the best Holidays if not my favorite and tonight we are having a family gathering and dinner to wait for Christmas; that's the custom where I live: eat turkey on the 24th at night ( big celebration ), wait for Santa after 12 ( for the kids ) and the next morning open all the presents while eating the leftovers from the night before...So, this makes the 25th a day to be confy with your family and be at home eating and having a good time !

Here's some inspiration for all of you, hope you like it !

At home doesn't mean you can't be stylish yet confortable ;)

Flats : Nine West / Armcandy: BCBG

For more leopard flats, you can go here

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy December 21, 2012

So... today is December/21, the day that the world is supossed to come to an end...That's crazy, what are the odds?

In order to commemorate this popular date, this post will be about this question:  If the world came to an end, What things would you like to have done?

Here is my list:

1. Skydiving.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I love about Christmas

Is Christmas your favorite time of the year? Mine it is!  People smiling more often, thinking about others, thinking about resolutions for the New Year, happines all around, beautiful decoration, celebrations and so much more. So this post is dedicated to the things I love about Christmas and I hope you like them too :)

Here they are:

♥   Christmas Desserts:

Christmas cookies and Cake pops! The ones on the left are very simple yet cute.

How about Christmas cupcakes? so pretty and yummy :)

You can also mix your dessert with this hot chocolate with marshmellows in it...heaven..
♥  Decoration:
Christmas colors sure have the magic to make you feel better and happier :)
Table decoration inspo for your next gathering.
How beautiful is this Christmas tree?
♥ Christmas window displays :
Nothing motives you to shop more than stores decorated for Xmas..

Would this make you read more?
How cool is this?
These are some of the things I love about Christmas, what are your favorites?
Photos are from Pinterest
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Snow : What would I wear ?

As I have mentioned several times before, I live in a tropical country where low temperatures are unknown and snow will never hit the ground...Lowest temperature we've had is 12 degrees Celcius.

This is a post of what I would wear if I lived in a cold country with real winter, you are free to let me know your thoughts and advise what you would change or add :)  This is me just thinking outside the tropical box where I live, and to be honest, I would really like to have the chance to wear real scarves, hats, gloves and boots !!!

Here is the first look I created:

I really love this, combines brown-navy and burgundy with a white coat and boots ! I like it.
Breakdown: Sweater: Michael Kors / Coat:
Boots : John Fluevog Luna / Gloves: Maison Martin Margiela.
The look above is for a dinner party, date at night, Christmas gathering or whatever you would like, or going out under the snow looking pretty with my coat ♥ Oh how nice it's to dream..
Here is the breakdown:
Dress: Topshop / Coat: Alice And Olivia / Boots:
Tights: Scoop / Bag: Phillip Lim / Earrings: Michael Kors
This is one of my favorites ! Totally casual yet stylish.. I think..I just love it. How cute is the owl?
I would pair this with either sneackers or boots.  Would wear boots if I´d like to add something edgy to this.
Coat: / Sweater : Wallis ( Lucky european girls ;) )
Jeans: J Brand /  Sneakers : Isabel Marant / Bag: Céline / Boots: Asos , just 35 Euros!
So, what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on this post, has any of these items become one of your favorites?
If you want to see more about boots, you can go here.

Wanna see more Burgundy? Click here.
Loved the Céline bag? Indulge here for some more
Sunday, December 16, 2012

Celeb Fashion Report : Amanda and Rooney

Hello everybody, Happy sunday !!

I love celebrities and love to see everything they wear, so, for this week, I have picked two: the best and the worst ( In my opinion ).

I'll give you the good news first...We have Amanda Seyfred in Alexander McQueen looking gorgeous for one of the million premiers for Les Miserables in New York.

I love everything about the look, the hair and make up are great, she always wears her hair loose, so It's good to see a change, plus it clears the space so the embellished top can be showed off.
Now, let's go to the one that needs help...beware... here it comes :
Rooney Mara in Spring 2013 Calvin Klein and Givenchy sandals at a charity event in Dubai:

Is this what you dress in DUBAI? at the ARMANI hotel? So wrong, wrong everywhere, what's that on her chest ? It's just ugly, I cannot even speak well of hair an make up, looks like she can't get out of her role in The Girl with The Dragon Tatoo. I don't like it, or maybe I just don't like her, I don't see any spark in this actress...looks like a robot, it's just boring.
What do you thinkg of these picks? Agree or Disagree?  By the way, which are your favorite actresses?
Photos from: here and here
Friday, December 14, 2012

All I want for Christmas : Leopard Flats

Shoes take a big part of women's closet, how many pairs do you have? Have you counted recently?
We just gotta have them all : flats, heels, pumps, boots, sneakers, sandals, etc.  It's really complicated, sometimes I envy men as they only need black/brown shoes and that's it, no compplications as : '' This sandal is for the beach, but this one is for going out ''.
Eventhough, I  think that sometimes, I wouldn't trade positions with them, we get to have prettier things, more diversity and lower prices ! plus we are prettier, smarter and more powerfull :).

I know there are like a million shoes out there, however, this time I'll cover flats, to be more specific, leopard flats.

I've been on the hunt for these without any luck, so I just keep on wishing them, maybe one day I'll find my charming leopard flats...

Here are my picks :

From left to right, top row : Charlotte Russe $23 / Steve Madden
Left to right, bottom row: Stella McCartney  / Sam Edelman Alvin
Top row, left to right: Kate Spade / Christian Louboutin
Bottom row, left to right : Diane Von Furstenber / Charlotte Olympia Kitty
I've seen those Kitty flats everywhere in the bloggersphere, do you like them ? I think they are cute but wouldn't spend like $500 on them, I would take them as a gift instead :)
Some celebrities inspo:
Mirand Kerr.
The shoes Miranda is wearing look very similar to the below Steve Madden shoes, they look nice, don't they? :
Steve Madden Chaufer Loafers
Olivia Palermo
I love the Steve Madden shoes. Which one is your favorite ? Would you give a try to the leopard flats ?
If you love animal print as much as I do, go check the Zebra post from last week here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Destinations

Hello all!
The Holidays break is coming closer and closer and in a blink of an eye it's going to be Christmas ! Can't believe we're just two weeks away.

I wanted to share some of the places that I would love to go to during the Holidays, let's hope some day I'll be screaming '' Happy New Year '' from one of these destinations :) .

♥ Paris

Eiffel Tower.

L'arc de Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower
Galeries LaFayette -  A super luxurious department store in Paris.
Disneyland Paris.
Dior Store in Paris.
♥ London
Ferris Wheel.
Westminster Abbey
Cartier shop in London.
A snowy Big Ben.
♥ New York

Rockefeller Christmas tree.
Lighting the streets.
Pic from here
Pic from here
Winter in Central Park.
Tell me, where would you love to go for the Holidays season? Already have plans? If you live in any of the cities I mention I would love to hear more from them :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Statement Necklace Edition

Hello everybody !
I hope you had a great weekend and started your Christmas shopping  :)

We'll start this week with one of my biggest obsessions: Jewerly.  Who doesn't love this ? I always tell everybody that I will never ever get tired of jewerly, I'm obsessed, and I love to pair it in different ways.  This post will be about the necklaces and how huge they can really be that it makes you stop and drop your mouth and leave you speechless !

Once you put one of these beauties, there's no need for more accessories, not even earrings as you want to concentrate all the attention on your necklace and that's what makes the outfit. 

First, we'll check one of the brands that first comes to my mind when thinking about statement jewels and that is Bvlgari.  This brand is a symbol of elegance, extravanza, obscene opulence and exclusivity. Price are so high that are not even listed on the website...yep, I did my research, so you can imagine how high they are, I digged a little more and the lowest price goes around $1,000 and up and up and up.

Here's the statement INSPIRATION:

Did you like this? This is a jewerly work of art, period.

Below some ads from Bvlgary so we can keep getting inspired :

Julianne Moore for Bvlgari

The beautiful Rachel Weisz
How pretty is she?
Now that we are inspired, let's check some budget friendly option.  Believe me, these options are as pretty as the ones above, think of it as for the price of 1 bvlgari necklace, you can get like 300 of these statement necklaces:
♥ Stella & Dot.

♥ T + J Designs

♥ Anthropologie

♥ Forever 21

We gotta get the celebs Statement Inspiration, here are some ladies rocking their necklaces:

Olivia Palermo
Heidi Klum
Whitney Port from Mtv's reality show The City.
Jessica Biel.
Kristen Bell.
Sarah Jessica Parker
I don't want this post to end ! lol, I love necklaces, can you tell? I thought I would share some outfits to get even more ideas on how to pull this off :)

We've seen many options, many colors, many prices; Have you seen any that's become your favorite? Do you have any other brands that you love? Would love you hear you out.