Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Princess Diaries

I have to admit, I'm obsessed with Princess Kate.  I've been following her since the engagement with Prince William and I just love her style and also the fairy tale story of her life, It's like, anything is possible if you go to one of those fancy schools...ha ha.

Anyway, I like her style, she always dresses so chic: the dresses, the jeans, the boots, I mean, she ( or her stylist, I don't know to be honest ) does a great job with her outfits and she manages to always look classy and fresh all the time.

This week she has appeared with a new hair style. It's not like a super drastic change, but still, it's noticeable!

Let's take a look:

She added subtle bangs, just those little pieces of shorter hair make her look even prettier and different now. It's good to see her making a change, very refreshing :)
A lot of people compare this look with the Charlie's Angels...
Farrah Fawcett
Do you agree? Kate's hair kinda has a 70's vibe, but a cool vibe, I love it ! she has kept her style with the loose curls.
Here's the outfit she wore for the '' premiere '' of her hairstyle:
I wish I could praise her dress as much as her hair, but sadly, I'm not such a fan of this...She could have done much better, something more youthful :). Let's hope she will make it up next time we see her :)
Picture from here
Now that you know how fan I am of Princess Kate, I will take the opportunity to post some of my favorite outfits she has worn:
She wore this dress in January for the War Horse premiere and she recently wore it again ! How nice is that? It's good to see this type of people re-using clothes, I mean, that's what all of us, the mortals, do !
This is so my style.  She wore those platforms many times during the Olympic games.
I fell in love with this dress...a Jenny Packham gown and Jimmy Choo heels.
This is just a little round-up of my fav looks, but I will post more about Kate in the future.
Tell me, do you like her new hair? Are you a Royal junkie as well?
I wish you all a great day !
Monday, November 26, 2012

Jessica Biel and the oyster dress

Did you see Jessica Biel last week?

She was out and about for the Hitchcock premiere wearing a Gucci dress...A Gucci dress...which in my opinion is aweful, it totally looks like an oyster !! It hides her figure, it makes her look without shape and it is supossed to be ' sexy ' because of that side-boob show off.  Why did Gucci made this dress?  Now, the question is: Would it have looked good on someone else?

Let's take a look at Jessica:

Does she look good? It's a straight dress, no waist line, no nothing..
Now, here's the runway inspiration for Jessica, that moment when she said: '' Assistant, get me that dress, now! '':

Same thing right? No waist line, no nothing, just a lot of fabric and extra fabric on the sides..
Verdict: Gucci shouldn't have made this dress ( That's my opinion, don't know how you feel about this? )
Here are some more pics of the premiere:

The Fendi clutch is gorgeous, I can't speak otherwise and the ring...I want it... :)
This one's funny, looks like Helen Mirren is telling her : '' What are you wearing ?! ''.

How do you feel about this gown choice? Love it or hate it?

Work the ankle booties

Hi everybody!
Hope you had a great weekend and had the chance to do lots of fun stuff !

To begin the week, we'll talk about booties ! There are so many of them: heels, flats, studded, wedges, etc. that you can go crazy about them.

In my opinion, this particular shoes are a little tricky...they can make you look shorter if you don't use them with the right outfit, so, here are some ideas  so we can add these to our wardrobes :)

The first ones are the high-heel booties :

I love all of these, different styles, different colors to like.
Great finds:
* The blue ones - Charlotte Russe $30
* The black ones - $45
These are great, as they are more confortable and give you more balance ( In mi's easier to walk in wedges ! )
I really like the ones in the middle from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M - $349.
Short heeled-Booties.  These are the ones to be running around doing all the things you have to do in a crazy day and still look good while doing it.  Confortable, practical, good-looking.
* Top row in the middle: $45 / * Bottoom row in the middle: Steve Madden $100. / *  Bottom row, right: $68.99
And to all studs-spikes lovers out there like me, here are some booties with a little something extra.
Aren't these nice? By the way, the grey ones with that red heel and sole are by Christian Louboutin ( we can dream, right? )
Below some celebrities rocking the ankle boots :
 Olivia Palermo
Kim Kardashian mixing black tights with booties.  It looks very classy.
Again, black tights but this time gray booties. Ideal for fall.
Miranda Kerr shows us how to wear mini skirts + blazers + booties.
Why can't I go to work wearing this? why ?!?! again, mortal's life..
Here's Miranda again. I said at the beginning that booties can make us look shorter and this is an example.  Those cropped jeans make her legs look shorter and also the shoes.
Of course, she's like super tall, so it's not like a radical change and she still looks good ( I hate her lol ) but she does look a little shorter, doesn't she?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Boyfriend pants + booties.
Victoria Beckham.
So, tell me, do you like these types of boots? Is it something you are already using or wanna give a try?
Hope you all have a great week ahead :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

American Music Awards Recap

I've been so crazy this week that I didn't post about the red carpet for this awards that were held last Sunday.

There were some surprises ( fashion related of course ), it's a music event so it's expected by everyone to be shocked by some crazy choices the celebrities make...God, please help some of them.

Here are the shocking ones:

Taylor Swift in a Zuhair Murad ( I'm loving this designer ).  FINALLY, we see Taylor with something different than those knee-lenght dresses, she was getting boring with that same style all the time and the same hair.  I just love how she looks here! She's still playing it safe with the nude color ( I think she's addicted to this color ).
Christina Aguilera...don't know what's wrong with her anymore.  The hair and make-up look great but the dress doesn't fit right on her.
Psy ! He's a character indeed. He's still jumping around to the Gangnam Style ...

The ones that are doing great:

Carrie Underwood - I love everything she wears..
Pink ! I love her, she's one of my favorite singers.  This is a genuine person, I really like how she wore this dress very classy but still rocking it with the hair and also the attitude ! She looks great !
Jenny McCarthy - What do you want me to say? This woman has the perfect body, look at,  wouldn't you like to be as fit as her? I know I would !
Kelly Rowland -  Amazing.

The ones that need help:

Nicki Minaj.  Speechless. What's wrong with her? I don't know about you, but I think she always tries too hard to stand out.  I blame Lady Gaga for this excentric trend.
By the way, if you don't remember, Julie Bowen from Modern Family wore this exact dress at the Emmys, let's take a look:
Julie Bowen wore it better and before ! This was just back in September.
This is an example that this dress is beautiful and can be worn correctly....Just saying!
Kesha.  This one needs help, I think she was trying to be glamorous here...not working..
Jordin Sparks...maybe on someone else...what do you think?
Cyndy Lauper - Don't like it at all...I just don't, it's wrong everywhere.
What I do like, is that she doesn't care what anyone thinks and she just does what she wants, and that's attitude !
Which ones are your favorites? Who do you love? Who do you hate...?
Have a great weekend!
Pictures from and


Decisions Decisions: Hair Edition

Hi everybody!

I have a friend's wedding tomorrow and I have been going insane about what I'm going to do with my hair ! This is a decision that can ruin a dress...So, I have been gathering many many inspo pics to decide what to do. Which leads to this post...I thought, why not share it? Maybe someone else has a special event and is in my same position, so, if you're one of them, you're lucky, I have done the Pinterest research for you :)

So, here is the round-up for hair ideas ! Hope you like it and help me choose :)

The lovely Jessica Chastain, she looked Ah-mazing at the Oscars ! Perfect color - Perfect hair.
Simple and chic.
Jennifer Love-Hewitt.
Kate Beckingsale's hair is to die for..
Amy Adams looking oh-so gorgeous.
And now some loose updos:
Diana Agron proving she can not look like a granny all the time.
Kate again..Did I mention I like her hair?
Taylor Swift.
Scarlett Johansson
And last but not least:
I couldn't resist not posting this ! LOL
Would love to hear your comments!
Be safe and see you soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Bow Trend

Lately, I have seen  are many  bows in all things fashion, don't you think?

This is a super girly trend right now, and I think it's cute if you don't look like giant bow with so many bow-y elements all over you. It can make you look like a 10-year-old girl if you overuse it.  1 or 2 bow elements at a time and you'll be good to go.

I'm doing  round-up for this super cute trend, hope you like it and get bow-y :) :

Bows + Hair

Great bow hair tutorial! Definetly will try this.
I think Blair Waldorf is to blame for this hair thing haha...
From InStyle
Bows + Shoes ♥

 ♥ Black ones from Christian Louboutin
♥ Nude pumps by Betssy Johnson
♥ Nude and Black flats by Fendi
♥ Yellows flats by Banana Republic
♥ Green flats by Old Navy -- Would be a great buy at $16
Bows + Clothes
 Nude dress by Miss Selfridge
Red dress by Forever 21
Nude Cardigan from Mango 
Bow + Jewerly ( My favorite ! )
 Sparkly bow Ring from T + J Designs
Little Cristals bow ring from T + J Designs
Rose Gold Pave Bow Necklace from T + J Designs
Here's some more :

So, are you liking this Bow trend? Would love to hear your comments !