Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Be careful with those shoes...

Have you heard what happened to Julianne Moore at Cannes?
It doesn't matter the brand you are wearing, I don't care it's Jimmy Choo, Chanel or whatever designer you have on your shoes, you just have to be careful with the end result! you know, shoes + feet...

Facts : She was wearing a lilac Dior Gown. 
Problem: Shoes that don't fit ! How can you NOT see your feet before you walk out the door?

When if comes to these details, specially at Cannes, you just have to be careful, I mean, why the hell do you have a team to '' make you look good '' when they don't notice these tiny stuff...

So, the lesson is: Ladies, before you walk out of your house, please take a look at how your feet look.

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