Friday, May 17, 2013

Shopping List : Delicate Jewerly

We've made it through the week! Congratulations ;)

This week I've been '' lusting '' for jewerly...Just admit it, a woman is never going to have ENOUGH jewerly, those are two words that will NEVER go I right or not?

How cute is this?

I've been checking a website that has really beautiful jewerly, I still haven't bought anything but I'm about to ! they have cool rings, bracelets, necklaces, whatever the hell you want!

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Click here to get more necklaces.

Here's the one on the top, just $22.

Click here for more bracelets.

This one is beautiful.

A must have.

Are you a proud owner of delicate jewerly?
If you wanna check more, just go to Louun's shop ;)

Happy Weekend!

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