Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Ready Outfit

Happy Weekend !
Don't you just hate when you have been waiting for the weekend and when you get to it you find nothing to do? It has happened to me before, makes me feel like a looser...BUT! it all depends on you! If you wanna do something, just get out and do it, that's it, got no company? Do it yourself.  Life is too short to be depending on someone else to do something...

Enough with this stuff, here is a little inspiration of what you can wear these 2 heavenly days ;)

Love the puppy below? This is how we look on Saturday morning right?

Casual Saturday. 2 options. Flats or sandals.  Pick the one you want depending on what you'll do or how cold your country is:  Mine is hot as hell, I would go with the sandals.


Shirt: Rag and Bone - You can find a cheap one for $10 at Pull & Bear or something like that.
Jeans: Hundson jeans. The same.
Crossboddy bag: Target. $23. Good deal.
Infinity Bracelet:  Loris Shoes
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat-eye Wayfarer.
Fedora Hat: Sweell

The ones on my wishlist: The RAY BAN cat-eye Wayfarer, love them.

So, did you like the outfit? it's not too much effort to wear this when you are in your lazy days. Enjoy the weekend!

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