Sunday, December 16, 2012

Celeb Fashion Report : Amanda and Rooney

Hello everybody, Happy sunday !!

I love celebrities and love to see everything they wear, so, for this week, I have picked two: the best and the worst ( In my opinion ).

I'll give you the good news first...We have Amanda Seyfred in Alexander McQueen looking gorgeous for one of the million premiers for Les Miserables in New York.

I love everything about the look, the hair and make up are great, she always wears her hair loose, so It's good to see a change, plus it clears the space so the embellished top can be showed off.
Now, let's go to the one that needs help...beware... here it comes :
Rooney Mara in Spring 2013 Calvin Klein and Givenchy sandals at a charity event in Dubai:

Is this what you dress in DUBAI? at the ARMANI hotel? So wrong, wrong everywhere, what's that on her chest ? It's just ugly, I cannot even speak well of hair an make up, looks like she can't get out of her role in The Girl with The Dragon Tatoo. I don't like it, or maybe I just don't like her, I don't see any spark in this actress...looks like a robot, it's just boring.
What do you thinkg of these picks? Agree or Disagree?  By the way, which are your favorite actresses?
Photos from: here and here


  1. Yes, rooney just looks really bad.

  2. I love Amanda so much! Rooney made mistakes boo :o
    Mathilde x

  3. amanda is gorgeous and i can't wait to see more of her and anne hathaway on the red carpet. it doesn't help rooney's cause that she DOESN'T smile!!

    1. I know right? they are stunning ! you are right, Rooney should smile more often !

  4. I like this post so much: she's wonderful!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a Daniel Wellington watch!!


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