Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December !!

Hi everyone !
It's that time of the year again !! Aren't you excited? I've been updating my iphone with Christmas music yay ! which I can finally hear without getting weird looks of  '' why are you listening to that in september? '' haha.

Beginning the month with Christmas spirit, this will be a post dedicated to the Holidays, although, at The Sunny List, the whole month will be about this :) this is just a little preview of what I'm working on :D.

Let this be a month full of joy, fun, love and many celebrations to wrap this year that has gone extremely fast !


The Sunny List

Show me some Christmas puppy love ♥ How adorable is this?
Don't get tangled while putting the Christmas lights ;)

Have yourself a white Christmas ! Isn't this lovely?
This goes to the readers that celebrate Christmas with real winter snow ;)
And this goes to the ones that celebrate Christmas in more tropical countries like me.
Christmas = a little bit of wind and some hot days ( most of them ! )
Finally, this goes for the one that suffers the most during December: our stomach ! please get ready to indulge in the most delicious Christmas food :)
Have a great weekend !!!
Cupcake photo from here


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :)
    I follow you now on bloglovin!!!
    If you want we can follow each other on facebook!! Let me know!!! :)


  2. OMG such cute pics!
    The cat one is amazing, love it!
    Great post!
    Super festive!
    Love G xx

    1. Thank you Georgia !! I'm in love with the Holidays LOL.


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