Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Break 2012

Hello everybody!
Last week I went on a roadtrip to Nicaragua as I told you here, it is 14 hours away from El Salvador by car as we had to go through Honduras and then Nicargua, it was a long ride but we had a great time.  I had the chance to have a sandy/beachy Christmas and it was really nice, the weather was perfect, the ocean amazing and the food was really delicious.
Hope you enjoy this little photo diary I put together :)


The volcano you see above was active during our visit and it was throwing out ashes, that's the cloud you see around the peak of the volcano.  This is close to the frontier Honduras-Nicaragua and there were some people evacuated as a precaution.  Our final destination was quite far away from here. By the way, this is the first time I see a volcano doing this.
We stayed in a town called Leon the first night, this place is very rustic, it's like a big old town but it has bars and restaurants and many tourists come here, specially americans.  The picture above is from a Hotel/Restaurant, the name of the hotel is La Perla.  Very good food and cheap, you can have a good plate of shrimps for $8.00.

After Leon, we drove about 6 more hours and arrived to San Juan del Sur ( pic above ) this is were we spent 3 days.
The town is small, so you can park your car and start walking around.  Bars and restaurants are right in front of the beach and hotels and hostels are just a few blocks away.
Here's another angle of the bay San Juan del Sur. You can go fishing here and there are little boats that can take you for a ride and even snorkle.
This is one of the cutest hotels, it's very old fashioned American style.  Many foreigners live here and they start their own hotels and restaurants, so I'm pretty sure that this belogs to a foreigner.
Life in San Juan can be very cheap, you can have a good meal for $5.00, expensives plates in good restaurants are around $10.00 ( for seafood ! ) .
View from inside the hotel. Imagine have breakfast every morning looking at this...would love to live here !
Another shot of the bay.  There are no waves here, I mean, there are but they are tiny so you can swim here and relax.  Those boats are always there, don't know why but they make the place look good.
San Juan means Saint John, so they have this saint right on top of that cliff looking out the bay.
This is the view around 4pm, amazing right?
And this happens around 5:30pm, so you can be lying on the beach sipping on a cocktail and admiring the view.
The first day in San Juan was a little cloudy, but the next day was extremely sunny so it was my chance to get a tan, finally! I was starting to look like Casper..
This is the restaurant where we spent the day, lying in that bed you see over there, drinking Piñas Coladas and then we had lunch here for the prices I told you about above.  They were having a wedding that afternoon, that's why there are many chairs on the right side.
The view from my tanning spot.
Doesn't this make you wanna be sitting there and not on your office chair?
I did a little shopping, bought the red bracelet ( posted on Instagram: @thesunnylist ) and to the right, I bought that blue/cream bracelet and also the copper cuff above.
And then it's me, hello! Nice to meet you ! :) Happy with my Piña Colada.
Panoramic view in the afternoon.
Many many tourists come here, as I said most of them americans and I´m sure some europeans too.
Nightlife here is really nice as the bars are on the shore.
On the 4th day we went to Granada, which is 2 hours north from San Juan del Sur.
This is also a rustic town and it has an avenue that is full of places to eat and drink and people can sit outside and there are some street shows that you can enjoy.
This is the Plaza de la Independencia.
An old church just outside Granada.
And to close, a little round up of food and drinks:
Lef to right above:  breaded shrimps and fries from La Perla / Piña colada by the beach / Fish with clam sauce and also seafood caserole.
Below: Cosmopolitan and wine.
 So, do you like these places? Let me know what you loved and if you have questions I'm here for you :) , Did you take a roadtrip during the Holidays? would love to hear you out.
Happy Friday!

All pictures belong to The Sunny List, you can use them but please be kind to link back :) 


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