Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So, Emerald is the color for 2013?

Hello everyone ! Happy Wednesday !
Have you heard about this color of the year thing? Maybe you have, maybe this post has come a little late as it was announced last year, but, I decided to write it anyway as it is the color for 2013 and this is just the beginning of 2013...

I have never ever heard of this Pantone color of the year until I saw it on the E! Channel, and to be honest, It caught my attention, it's interesting, I mean, It gives you some sort of  what to expect for the season. However, the most important thing is not to go with the trend but get inspired by it, if you don't like emerald, then there are many other colors that Pantone has marked as the 'it' colors for this spring, but those will come in other posts.

We'll begin with a round-up of emerald things so we can start getting the feeling of this color that symbolizes nature, growth, renewal, health and environment and it is also said to be a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue.  ( Ok, I googled this, don't think I know all this about every color ! )

Let's take a look :

* Kate Spade
* Target - Just $17
* Seychelles

I really love the 3 dresses above, emerald makes everything more elegant.
Below is Kate in her emerald dress...good color bad design, remember we have already discussed this here?

One of my favorites parts of the post. Here's the breakdown, Clockwise:
* Proenza Schouler
* Matthew Williamson.  You may remember from this post about this designer.
* Jil Sander
* Michael Kors
* Proenza Schouler
* Chloé.

Ok, I admit, this is another one of my favorites from this post. Jewerly !!!

The cuff is from HSN and the ring is from Charm & Chain

What do you think about this color ? Willing to give it a try ? Stay tuned for outfit ideas with Emerald !



  1. i love that emerald nail polish, i'm definitely going to get mine done that color soon!

    PS-visit my blog to enter my Jack Rogers giveaway!

  2. i love that emerald nail polish color that shows the nails! what is that color? also, great selections of the dresses. so elegantly emerald.

    1. Hi Brooke ! the Essie polish to the left is Pretty Edgy and the one to the right is Going Incognito. I'm glad you liked the dresses, so elegant right! xo.


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