Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sundance Film Festival : Winter Fashion Report

So, The Sundance Film Festival is being held right now and will be ending tomorrow. What do they do there? That has always been my question : It's always held every year in January and in Utah ( Why don't they choose a warmer time ? ) and it's one of the largest independent film festivals in USA. It gathers many celebrities, and that's what we love...

In spite of having their butts freezing out there, as it is winter, the celebrities come out to a casual-winter-like red carpet, so, it's their opportunity to dress  normal without the fuss of a ''red carpet'' but still be in a ''red carpet''.

Now, let's see what the stars are wearing right now for winter, maybe it could inspire you and give you ideas or maybe you could just hate what they are wearing...

Here it goes:

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton

Jennifer Hudson - She impresses me everytime I see her, she looks good !

Amanda Seyfred looking good as usual.  Do you think she wears extensions? Would kill to have half her hair at least !

The Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrossio looking like she has never had a baby and has perfect body.           
* Jealous * .

Jessica Biel...She looks odd to me..Looks like she's having her face 'fixed' too often, don't you think?

Naomi Watts.  Have you seen The Impossible yet? If you haven't, you HAVE TO ! 

Kristen Bell looking very pregnant but cute.

Alicia Keys. Love the bag and the boots. Do you like the fur vest? 

I'm shocked to see Paris Hilton here ! Very low profile lately, at least for me.
Maybe it's time for another scandal  now that the Kardashians are the new 'it' reality tv girls lol.

And that's a wrap ! Which celebrity did you like the best? You can also say the one you liked the least...just saying..

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Amanda Seyfred is my fav this time. She's such a beauty :)

    1. She really is, looking forward to see what she will wear for the Sag Awards today ! Thanks for stopping by .


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