Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Fifty Shades of Grey

Hello everybody! Happy Wednesday!

The title says it all...this post will be about the trilogy of Mr. Grey! Have you read those books? When I first picked the first one, my mouth dropped, it's a very racy book but I think this has opened minds of women and society by writing about something like this that had never been told before in a novel, at the end it's sort of a love story.

The first book, Fifty Shades of Grey is a totally different book from the rest I have read.  It narrates the super excentric life of a super ultra wealthy 27-year-old entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington. Then, this super rich man meets Ana, a 21-year-old girl who is just about to graduate from College or Universite ( I never understand the difference in USA education, sorry! ). So, they start a relationship and many elements from Christian Grey's life come to surprise Ana who has never had a boyfriend before, so, you can imagine all the new experiences she has in the first book.

Book 2 '' Fifty Shades Darker '' is more of  love story, at the beginning it doesn't look like that as they didn't end that well in the first one, but then it completely changes.  Now that I have finished that book, I'm starting the 3rd one : '' Fifty Shades Freed '' and I hate that sometimes I don't have time to read !! but I hope I can go through it pretty quickly.

Have you read any of these books yet? Do you like/hate? Do you like Christian?

Some quotes I loved from the book:

'' This is me, Ana. All of me...and I'm all yours.  What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you.  That I love you ''  - Christian Grey.  Can you imagine a former kinky/dominant crazy about sex man saying this kind of things?. ( Only in books, I know! ).

'' I know that life with Christina will never be boring '' - Ana Steele.  I bet it won't be, like ever !


'' Anastasia Steele.  I love you. I want to love, cherish, and protect you for the rest of my life. Be mine. Always. Share my life with me. Marry me'' - Christian Grey.  Tell me, would you say yes?

Well, now that you have seen how much I love this book, I'll see you until next post !
Below some links to buy the book :) I read them on the Kindle App for Iphone and it's very practical.

Below some links to get the books in the Kindle store:

Book 1: Fifty Shades of Grey

Book 2: Fifty Shades Darker

Book 3: Fifty Shades Freed


  1. I've all 3 of them and loooooved them. especially christian haha

  2. Shades of grey sound really amazing! Thanks for sharing :) I have to read them!! :)


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