Thursday, November 8, 2012

Colors of the season : Burgundy

This is a great color, isn't? It gives sooo much elegance to the outfit, it's amazing how you can dress up with this color.
I think I'll be talking a lot about this during the season, but there are so many options of pieces and accessories of burgundy that it will be hard not to talk about it. It's like a transition from the bright reds we had during the summer into the winter and the Holidays.

This time, we are talking Burgundy jeans, so I have chosen a couple of looks I found of how to style the jeans and also an option of where to get it.  If you want to look different yet chic, just put on this jeans and you will look Ah-mazing.

Is this becoming one of your favorite colors of the season?

First look I pulled off is the casual burgundy, ideal for a relaxing day:

The flats are from Dorothy Perkins
The gorgeous necklace is from Debemhams ( Lucky UK ladies )
Next one is the burgundy/casual friday/casual work outfit: Dress this up with the blazer or dress it down without it ! Just with that gorgeous necklace and the stripes from your shirt you will rock this outfit:

You can also find more link jewerly in my last post here
And of course, we couldn't leave the Out Tonight Burgundy option!  Burgundy + sequin = Perfection.

And this is the option of where to get this skinny jeans:
Great price for a great piece !  Find it here

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